Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Are you a coffee connoisseur ?

(Postingan kali ini saya ambil dari tulisan saya sendiri untuk sebuah blog komunitas di luar negeri, SDL Community, dimana saya ikut berpartisipasi didalamnya / I took this post from my own written for a community blog abroad, SDL Community, in which I participated)

A coffee addict different from a coffee connoisseur (coffee lover), although they are basically the same as coffee drinkers. A coffee addict usually want to drink coffee all the time, everyday, two to three times a day, even more than that. While a coffee connoisseuur will try to get good coffee in a pleasant atmosphere. If conditions do not support, such as health problems or because ofother reasons, never mind for them not to drink coffee. While the coffee addicts usually could not stand if do not drink coffee in a day. To a connoisseur of coffee is nice if able to enjoy coffee every day, while for a coffee addict is a necessity or a must for him to drink coffee every day. The question is, you are an addict of coffee or a coffee connoisseur (?).

For coffee lovers that I present a coffee beverage recipes are simple but tasty as below :
A cup of cinnamon coffee for you

One of the coffee drinks that I often make at home is "cinnamon coffee".
Very easy to make, very pleasant taste, and is perfect enjoyed on cool/cold air.
You can make as follows, enter 1 tsp full of coffee powder + 1 tsp full of sugar
(or up to your taste) into the cup and then pour 150 ml boiling water
(left 1 minute to reduce the temperature to be about 95 C) while stiring with
a cinnamon stick, close a moment (about 3 minute), open and stir again,
then your coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Hmmm.....very pleasant.
Just try it out.

Greetings to you all.

5 komentar:

  1. I am thinking I am a coffee addict! But, I do like good coffee. :-)

  2. Wow Molly, it turns out we are the same, we both love good coffee, but I prefer to call myself the coffee connoisseur.

  3. keep up the good work!

  4. thanx for sharing about connoisseur, though i enjoy my coffee time so much... i'm still thinking i'm an addict :)

  5. maaf bu aku gak pinter cas cis cus, tapi kopi kayu manisnya boleh juga.. selama ini kopi yang aku minum begitu2 aja gak pernah dicampur dng rempah.. kejutan rasa