Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

The Wonders of a cup of coffee

Have you ever at one time felt so bored with your daily activities so that you feel so tired and depressed, lethargic, moody, and lazy to do anything, the mind became clogged or stagnant. Anyway you feel tired physically and spiritually. Feeling like it is actually just a natural thing, almost everyone has experienced both men and women. Well, a cup of coffee at certain times can avoid or relieve you from the feeling depressed.
I demonstrated here, the housewives who also work, including me. They are some times also have a situation like that. Imagine, if a woman worker has been married for 30 years. That means that already 30 years she every day did her household tasks including the very consuming thoughts are thinking every single day about what the menu should be provided as her family dining so they do not get bored, and added as a career woman every day of course she had to do her office tasks and duties. Wooow ..... it seems so little time to be ourselves, so that sometimes there are times when we were hit by feeling bored and tired physically and mentally. But we must keep strong because the house should keep comfortable, the food should always be available, and office tasks should completed (well, it seems the women are indeed God's creatures that beautiful  .....and strong, of course)

Previously I have said that a cup of coffee can save you from the very uncomfortable situation, how can? You should take the time to perform the ritual cup of coffee with a stress reliever. Find your home a corner you like the most, can in your own room, can in front of the TV, or on the back porch, just anywhere, the  important is your favorite place/corner. Brewed coffee with an appropriate comparison, I would suggest not too sweet, and with a good and correct way. Bring your coffee to where you want to sit relax, put your body in a most comfortable position for you. Turn on relaxing music that you like (do not have to, because there are also people who like silence when relaxing). Now, open the cap of your coffee drink, inhaled first  the aroma before sipping it. For the first three sip, on each sip try to hold it once in your mouth before swallowing, leave all parts of your tongue feel the bitter and sweet of coffee and the aroma of coffee fulfill your oral cavity, then you can feel comfortable atmosphere infiltrate slowly into the body and mind.
Perform the ritual of coffee drinking in this way once a week, surely you will avoid the stress that accumulated from day to day which can cause the physical and mental burnout as I mentioned above. Of course, outside
that time you also can drink coffee every day, without doing the special ritual. Oh, there was one more suggestion, if you want to increase the sensation of relaxed atmosphere while feeling the effects of aromatherapy when you perform that relaxed ritual, you can try the cinnamon coffee drinks, will further add sense of relaxed. The recipe is on my last post. Well, do not waste time, just do it, eliminate stress in a simple and easy way.

a lot of warm greetings


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  1. a cup of coffee always makes me feel better. I have it when I wake in the morning before the kids are up, and then I have it again about 4, which gets me til the end of the day. Puts pep in my step!

  2. Yes ! Puts pep in my step, I agree dear...

  3. Bunda kapan Maen Ke Lombok
    Di tunggu sama Yosh Heeheee :)

  4. Aduh Yosh, belakangan ini saya lagi sering mikir, kapan bisa mengunjungi Lombok, rupanya karena akan didatengin Yosh, apa kabar nak....

  5. betul sekali bu.. akhir2 ini aku suka merasa jenuh.. minum kopi dengan meluangkan waktu santai sejenak lumayan membantu.. hmmm nikmat

  6. Do it once a week Triz, get a time. Rest assured, you will feel better.